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PeopleForce validates GDPR compliance post-audit

PeopleForce validates GDPR compliance post-audit
Inside PeopleForce timer icon2024-02-14

PeopleForce validates GDPR compliance post-audit

PeopleForce team

Ensuring the safety and security of your data is our top priority at PeopleForce. Building upon our existing compliance, we're proud to announce that both our product and processes received full certification for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance following our latest official audit.

PeopleForce hires trusted European Data Protection consultants to deliver an independent third-party audit. 

You can find our recent GRPD compliance recognition here:

A recent audit was completed by KWKR Sp. z o.o. This certificate has no expiration date, so we will continue to improve our compliance with its requirements.

This is a significant milestone for us as we continue to scale and expand our growth, especially in Europe. We recognize the importance of safeguarding personal information, and this achievement solidifies our dedication to our customers and partners. 

Auditors thoroughly reviewed all our departments and processes. From policy updates to revising procedures, we took meticulous measures to ensure we met the high GDPR standards. 

Rest assured, your personal data is in safe hands with PeopleForce. We remain committed to constantly improving and updating our measures to protect your privacy.

Earlier, we also got ISO 27001:2013 certification. These milestones are a testimonial of our focus on building processes to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers.

The significance of GDPR compliance

Organizations rely heavily on personal data for various purposes in today's data-driven landscape. With growing awareness among individuals about data privacy, it's imperative for businesses to adopt stringent measures to ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR.

GDPR, enacted by the European Union (EU), comprises a comprehensive set of data protection laws to harmonise regulations across EU member states and enhance individuals' rights regarding their personal data.

Key aspects of GDPR compliance for a company include:

  • Upholding data protection principles
  • Demonstrating accountability
  • Ensuring robust data security measures
  • Implementing data protection by design and by default
  • Obtaining processing permissions (consent)
  • Appointing Data Protection Officers
  • Safeguarding individuals' privacy rights

We fully meet these standards. Additionally, affirming GDPR compliance as your HR tech provider is vital for several reasons:

  • Demonstrates commitment to data security and privacy
  • Adheres to globally recognized standards for data privacy
  • Establishes robust safeguards to secure personal data effectively

What GDPR compliance means for our customers

Customers can rest assured that their employees' and candidates' data is secure with PeopleForce's GDPR compliance.

This demonstrates our commitment to data security and adherence to industry standards for safeguarding information. We prioritize the highest level of protection for their valuable data under GDPR regulations.

PeopleForce’s features that serve as tools for GDPR compliance

Our HR platform has various features that help support the above-mentioned principles of protecting candidates' and employees' data. Here, you can see how the system smoothly operates to protect talents’ rights.

  • GDPR settings for recruiting

This feature is necessary if you use a consent request policy for candidates' personal data usage. It allows you to request consent from the candidate when adding them and their personal data to the company database. \

  • Self-service request

Employees can request changes to their profiles using a form, especially when certain fields with personal information require updates. The form enables employees to track the progress of their requests within the system, enhancing transparency and automating processes within the company.

  • Privacy mode for policies display

If you prefer not to display certain policies on the team-shared calendar, this feature allows you to hide entries such as anniversaries or probation periods to further protect employee information from being disclosed publicly.

  • Anonymised organizational chart

To safeguard your employees, you can display only first names in the organizational chart to anonymize the team during viewing and exporting. Additionally, avatars can be disabled for maximum anonymity if the exported file will be shared with third parties.

  • Safe Speak

Creating fully anonymous cases to protect whistleblowers' rights is another aspect aligned with GDPR, as both topics are covered by EU legislation. The ability to report issues within the team without repercussions ensures team safety, supports a culture of transparency, and enhances efficiency.

  • Control over employee fields

The system allows flexible configuration of storing information in employee directory fields. While some fields are mandatory, others can be disabled as needed, thus avoiding storing unnecessary information. The same applies to custom fields.

A special thanks to our customers

The PeopleForce team thanks all our clients who use our system and help us improve. We hope that validating GDPR compliance will continue enhancing our relationship and cooperation with you, making your work easier. 

And to all those reading us from European countries looking for an HR platform with GDPR compliance as a mandatory requirement – we now fully meet your ideal choice! Book a demo to learn more about us and ask any questions about data protection.

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