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Expand recruitment and performance possibilities with new custom features

Expand recruitment and performance possibilities with new custom features
timer icon2024-07-08

Expand recruitment and performance possibilities with new custom features

PeopleForce team

New month, new opportunities! Check out the two enhancements in the system that will optimize the recruitment process from the career site and improve the performance reviews.

Custom fields for career site

And another improvement to the Recruit product is already on the platform! Now, the career site where you post your vacancies will become even easier to customize to your company's needs. With our new custom fields for the career site, you have the power to gather all the additional and valuable data about candidates before the screening process. Add, edit, hide, or delete the custom fields as you see fit, to collect the information about skills, salary expectations, preferable work locations, languages etc., putting you in complete control of your career site's content.


This will help you:

  1. Collect data that will assist in the candidate’s first screening. Are you looking for talent that fits specific criteria without reviewing many resumes? This feature will help you quickly determine whether this applicant suits you.
  2. Gather necessary information about your candidates faster and easier right from the start when a candidate is ready to apply.
  3. Safe field preferences and ensure that essential data is captured for future vacancies, minimizing manual data entry and optimizing recruitment processes.

The custom fields are the ones you set for the candidate’s profile, but you can create new ones, for example:

  • Desired salary
  • Work permit status
  • Willingness to relocate
  • Availability for work trips
  • Portfolio link (e.g., for artists/designers)
Visit our knowledge base to learn how to set up this feauture
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Custom reviewers for review cycles

We are excited to introduce a new feature in PeopleForce: custom reviewers in review cycles. This enhancement allows you to include additional participants like supervisors, team leads, coaches, mentors or other specific roles in your review processes. Custom reviewers can be added alongside managers and peers or in separate review cycles, providing valuable feedback from a broader range of participants for a more comprehensive evaluation of employee performance. Custom reviewers can have specific review templates ensuring they answer only relevant questions.


We've updated the interface to provide more customization options for self-reviews and manager reviews, including the ability to choose different templates. Additionally, it's now easier to add or remove participants, enhancing the overall flow.


❗Note! We're rolling out these features gradually. If you haven't seen it in your account yet and want to try them, contact your customer success manager.

Visit our knowledge base to learn more details about this feature
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Read more about other improvements on the platform and system fixes in our PeopleForce knowledge base.

If you have more questions about new features, feel free to reach out directly to your manager or PeopleForce support. Read more about other product releases on our official blog.

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