Employee life cycle

The life cycle of an employee contains the stages of a co-worker's development in one company. This is a visualization of all stages, thanks to which the manager knows how to interact with the employee with ease and with maximum efficiency. The life cycle of the employee is divided into 5 main stages:

  1. Recruiting;

  2. Hiring and onboarding;

  3. Performing the main duties;

  4. Career growth and development;

  5. Leaving.


This stage begins even before the start of the applicant's employment with the organization. The company works on its brand of the employer to become attractive to candidates.

Hiring and onboarding.

The company looks for the ideal applicant, and once hired, they provide proper onboarding.

Performance of duties

The employee contributes to the development of the company, while the supervisor tries to organize the tasks and provide timely communication with regard to the working processes.

Growth and development

The company will retain the employee through career growth and opportunities to upgrade their knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Leaving the company

An employee separates from the company. The reasons may be different: dismissal, retirement, transfer to another branch, etc. In any case, the company needs to conduct proper offboarding in order to part with the employee in a friendly and positive way, so as not to hurt the employer's brand.

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