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Tick-tock, time is running out! Join us today to enjoy lifetime savings

Tick-tock, time is running out! Join us today to enjoy lifetime savings
Inside PeopleForce timer icon2021-12-06

Tick-tock, time is running out! Join us today to enjoy lifetime savings

PeopleForce team

2021 was a year of personal wins, professional growth and new records for us. PeopleForce team has achieved significant increases in productivity:

  • Released 11+ system updates with highly requested features
  • Companies such as BMW Ukraine, Rakuten, Ajax Systems, Media Group Ukraine, Join Up, ARX, AgroRegion etc. trust PeopleForce as their preferred HRM solution
  • Expanded the geography of clients to the markets of the USA, Great Britain, Philippines, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Moldova etc.
  • We raised capital to drive our business further, grow the team and increase our brand awareness

This 2021 year was an incredible year for us where we have released many updates to the product based on your valuable feedback to make it all possible. From January 1st 2022 we will be introducing a new pricing structure across our products which will allow us to accelerate our pace of development and help implement the exciting features we have planned in our 2022 product roadmap.

But here is our special offer for you: If you sign up before the 1st of January 2022, we will maintain our current pricing as a lifetime special offer for you.  To do so, purchase any of the PeopleForce’s modules before the new year and you will take advantage of our current pricing for your company lifetime.

Once you take advantage of this offer, you will keep our pricing* as below:


* All the prices are for the number of employees ≤50. For more details on the pricing policy valid until 31.12, check out here.

Save today and get the best HR experience for your company, with features such as:

  • Access to all-in-one HRM solutions with powerful functionality and flexible modules' selection.
  • Recruitment, hiring, onboarding/offboarding automation
  • Leave management that saves time for your HR specialist
  • Surveys, 180-degree feedback and forms
  • Customer success team that always here to help you
  • Product updates: we constantly improving and never stop innovating our system
  • 40+ real-time reports generated in one click
  • And so much more, PeopleForce has integrations with 8+ job search sites and 10+ services, messengers and platforms.

By joining our PeopleForce Family, your company will get a lifetime benefit from us. For more details, please see the following FAQ.

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What is the PeopleForce Family?

PeopleForce Family is all our clients. Our product grows and develops with their support and feedback. Thanks to our interaction, new cool features appear. You can join our family too!

Does the price increase for current PeopleForce users?

We appreciate you a lot and offer a special loyalty program. The original price of PeopleForce modules is fixed for you forever.

For how many years the current price will remain?

If you subscribe till December 31, 2021, the current price is saved for you on a permanent basis. Please note that signing a contract is not the same as making a payment.

If I want to buy new modules, what price will apply?

If you make payment before December 31, the cost of any future purchases will be saved at the current pricing.

I already chose the modules. But my company and the number of employees are growing. Will the cost of the modules be increased in this case?

You will only pay for additional employees according to a fixed price.

For example: Your company has up to 50 employees, and you purchase the PeoplePerform module for $25 before the 1st of January. With 51 to 100 employees, your plan would be $50 per module.

What happens if the cost of modules increases in the future?

If you join us before the 1st January, nothing will happen. The price will remain the same for you.

If you subscribe after 1st January, please check relevant prices on our website.

I want to become a customer now and join the PeopleForce loyalty program. What should I do?

Choose any PeopleForce module and subscribe before 1st January.

What happens if my payment didn’t come through?

If you processed your payment but for some reason, it didn't come through, please contact us, and we will help you solve this issue.

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