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PeopleForce Wrapped 2023 is here! Years top 10 product highlights

PeopleForce Wrapped 2023 is here! Years top 10 product highlights
Inside PeopleForce timer icon2023-12-22

PeopleForce Wrapped 2023 is here! Years top 10 product highlights

PeopleForce team

Dynamic scaling is the phrase that defines our 2023, and we are excited to highlight outstanding milestones accomplished by PeopleForce. Throughout the year, we have rolled out 16 major updates to the PeopleForce system, each packed with many useful features to streamline your work and enhance your team's positive experience. 

Here are some highlights from us in your PeopleForce Wrapped!

  • Over 150 new features have been released in the system to optimize your company’s peak performance.
  • User feedback highlights a remarkable 25% increase in work speed and recruitment efficiency with our system, equating to more than one automated working day per week.
  • PeopleForce has been acknowledged as a "High Performer" across diverse categories on G2, with support quality and ease of use consistently rated above 9 out of 10.
  • We're proud to be trusted by 800+ companies worldwide now!

Impressive, right? But hold on—there's more! Let's delve into the year's top 10 most impactful features that have transformed PeopleForce.

To make it easy for you, here's a video showcasing our top features in a format that suits your convenience:

Automated workflows

This year, we’ve released and updated a game-changing solution that's now rocking the HR industry! This feature stands out as one of the best in the HR automation market, empowering our clients to take a strategic and scaling approach while efficiently handling repetitive tasks. Say goodbye to manual chores – it's all about streamlining processes and letting our system do the heavy lifting.

We've been receiving excellent feedback from clients who find it instrumental in optimizing processes once and for all. They love it for its ability to eliminate delays in task assignments, ultimately reducing project timelines and costs.


Custom forms

Forms go beyond simplicity, thanks to PeopleForce! They empower you to fine-tune your processes, ensuring seamless communication with your team. Stay informed, connected, and on the same page with your crew. Whether it's automating changes or gathering information, forms are your go-to solution for a more efficient and connected workplace.

Consider it one of the super features in your arsenal, ensuring PeopleForce is always at the forefront of keeping your processes sharp. We're taking forms to a whole new level in 2024, promising you an even smoother experience.


Mobile App 2.0

Our updated PeopleForce Mobile App became a comprehensive assistant for platform users in 2023. Now, you have the ability to browse the directory and contacts of employees, check leave balances, request leave, access newsfeed, to-dos, — and much more right at your fingertips. Download the app on Android and iOS to make everything even more automated in 2024.


Attendance tracking

The attendance management approach has been completely reimagined, and it's definitely for the better! In our system, employees now have the full capability to monitor their hours and presence, while managers can track attendance on a dedicated Attendance page. Having attendance tracked is mandatory for companies operating in EU countries, but we believe it will benefit everyone because it's very convenient without putting additional pressure on employees.


Safe Speak

Yet another standout feature deserving special recognition! It's a crucial element for whistleblowing if your company prioritizes employee well-being and comfort. Safe Speak is an anonymous reporting channel for employees and external parties to report wrongdoing. It fully complies with the EU Whistleblower Directive, so we recommend taking a closer look to ensure that your company has a space where everyone can speak openly and honestly.


Performance scoring

Performance review is, of course, a great feature that allows for a quick and comprehensive evaluation of an employee's work across various competencies over time. However, now you have the capability to assign distinct weights to competencies during final evaluations, significantly improving the prioritization of skills. Finally, you get a unified performance score that helps understand the employee's effectiveness and plan further communication and development.


Document folders management

Documents in employee profiles alone optimize HR tasks, but organizing them into folders adds further convenience. Moreover, this year we released a feature for you to grant access permissions to folders. So now, your documents are fully secure within your system and company.


Leave timeline page

Among the new system pages this year, the Leave Timeline stands out. It's a new tab in the Calendar that gathers all employees who are on leave during a specific period. Now, you can easily see your colleagues’ leaves and return dates. Kudos to our developers for this seamless addition!


UI improvements

But our designers should also be acknowledged! Throughout this year, our clients have consistently observed the visual evolution and transformation of our system. We continue to work in this direction, evolving for the better for you, as well as improving in UI.



And, of course, we continue to integrate with well-known services. It's worth highlighting the revamped integration with Google Calendar, as well as Microsoft Outlook, for the convenience of our users, especially recruiters who now find it easier to integrate interviews with calendars. Amongst, it’s worth noting the partner integrations with Workademy and eRecruiter that will assist in training and hiring processes for your team.


There’s more! Other 100+ features await

From sensitive fields to attendance autofill, choose any enhancements and innovations to suit your preferences for all six products in the HR platform. Select from over 100 new features to ensure your team is leveraging the latest trends and updates.


Thinking about joining us in 2024?

Then this is your best opportunity to get to know us better! If you want the latest updates for your team, always staying on top of essential tools for HR professionals, recruiters, managers, and employees, request a demo with our specialists.

The year 2023 is officially wrapped!
We look forward to seeing you in 2024 with a new batch of updates. If you want to stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter and read more on the company blog.

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